Dear Steamboat Montessori, 

As you embark on holiday next week, I want to wish you and your loved ones a happy Thanksgiving holiday!  

I’m also looking forward to Thanksgiving next week: spending time with family, cooking, relaxing, being outside, and reflecting on everything I have to be grateful for this year. During this time of gratitude, I hope you will reflect on the many blessings you and your family have and hope that Steamboat Montessori makes your list.

At the top of my gratitude list is the incredible opportunity I have to partner with you in the growth and development of your child/children.  In my earlier letter announcing the Annual Fund this year, I shared how I love that one of our students feels she has a home family and a school family and that both love her!  That is the magic I get to witness every day!

As you know, there have been numerous changes at Steamboat Montessori this Fall, all designed to support your child/children and their development.  In addition to new friends, new teachers, and new classrooms, we have also launched new programs including Social and Emotional Learning, targeted math intervention and Math Talks, STEM,  performing arts, and Parent Square, our new communications system. Our new school nurse has also been busy, busy, busy!  Mostly, I hope you have experienced a new energy and commitment to student learning and well-being.  

I want to thank the many people who have attended our family engagement programs or have participated on committees and the Board this Fall.  It is so rewarding to see adults supporting their children and their growth.  Additionally, without our incredible staff there would be no Steamboat Montessori. They show up with their hearts and their minds prepared to nurture your children everyday. Thank you too! 

At the beginning of the week, we sent Annual Fund envelopes home with every student.  Please take the time to think about how Steamboat Montessori weaves into your family’s life and make a financial gift that is meaningful to you.  And if we be so bold, we ask that you mention our Annual Fund appeal and financial goals to other meaningful people in your lives, such as grandparents or family members.  If  you would like us to send them the appeal directly, please let us know their names and contact information.  Gifting can be done via, check to the front desk or even a credit card.  

On average, charter schools receive approximately 20% less funding than local school districts.  Your generous contributions help us make up the difference and provide equitable educational services. We are so fortunate in the Yampa Valley to have a free K-6 Montessori learning option for our children.  It is a costly learning model that has many benefits for child development, and we are grateful that you chose to partner with us and the Montessori method.  

The incredible energy, bright smiles, and tremendous learning I see every day makes me so grateful to belong at Steamboat Montessori.  You belong too.  

In gratitude,Emily Barnhart  

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