“We came to Steamboat Montessori from a traditional school environment, where our 1st grader was struggling with being the youngest in his classroom. While he was academically doing great, he wasn’t able to meet the social-emotional expectations of his grade. His school didn’t do anything to help him develop those critical skills; it was very frustrating for all of us. We wanted an educational environment that could help him develop in all areas, not just academics.

The mixed-aged classroom at Steamboat Montessori really appealed to us. Once we made the switch, I was quickly sold on the Montessori approach to education. Our son has absolutely thrived. We are in our 3rd year at Steamboat Montessori, and could not be happier.”  

Jess Valand, parent

“Our boys are 17 months apart and they transitioned over to Steamboat Montessori when they were in 1st and 2nd grade.  They ended up in the same classroom where they thrived. Sunday nights went from “do we have to go to school tomorrow?” to “Why can’t we go to school everyday?”  The hands-on learning environment with a focus on all aspects of development (not just academics) along with support for every child to learn at his/her own pace appealed to us.  At the previous school our son was mastering math concepts quickly and was given an iPad to fill the time, but in this environment, he could just move right into the next concept. We highly recommend Steamboat Montessori to everyone! “

Mike Morris, parent

“I liked the hands-on learning at Montessori.  I liked how the older students had daily outdoor time.  I liked the mixed age classroom because you could help younger students.”  

Caz Berkey, former student

“Our children entered the school in 5th and 6th grades.  We had no experience with the Montessori approach but were attracted by the blended classrooms, small class sizes and passion of all of the educators.  The school was the absolute perfect fit for our kids who were new to Steamboat – and to the US as we had just come back to America after almost 15 years.  I felt like we were able to extend their childhood while they learned in a healthy environment – physically, socially, academically.    As the school year progressed, I found myself researching Montesorri middle – high schools and even visited two.  I am convinced that the Montessori approach is good for kids and society as a whole.  We will forever be grateful for our time there.” 

Carolyn Dillhyon, Alumni parent

We came to Steamboat Montessori from a traditional school in Chicago.  In a traditional setting, our eldest was getting in trouble, identified as ADD and recommended for medication.  It turns out he was simply bored.  Our sons have thrived at Montessori.

Erin Gallagher, parent

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