Aerial Steamboat Montessori

Steamboat Montessori is a public charter school for grades K-5th,
and offers a private, tuition-based preschool program for ages 3-5.

Primary Program

We have three classrooms serving children in preschool and Kindergarten.  The preschool children are part of the tuition-based private program, and Kindergartners are part of the state-funded public Charter school (there is no tuition for Kindergarteners).

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Lower Elementary (1st-3rd)

We have three mixed age classrooms serving grades 1st-3rd, ages 6-9.  Students use hands-on materials to engage in all curricular subjects.  In addition to traditional academic subjects, our curriculum includes peace education, cosmic education, grace and courtesy lessons, art, Spanish and Physical Education.

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Upper Elementary (4th-5th)

We currently have two classrooms at the Upper Elementary level.  These classrooms include students aged 9-11, in 4th-5th grade. Students continue to study language, grammar, math, geometry, science and biology, Spanish, as well as beginning their study of human history. 

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