Lower Elementary (1st-3rd)

We have three mixed age classrooms serving grades 1st-3rd, ages 6-9.  Students use hands-on materials to engage in all curricular subjects.  In addition to traditional academic subjects, our curriculum includes peace education, cosmic education, grace and courtesy lessons, art, Spanish and Physical Education.  

At this plane of development, children ages 6-9 are developing their social mores and their independence from adults.  Students learn to manage freedom and self-discipline in an environment that is prepared for them by the Montessori teacher. They are able to move freely around the classroom and choose works from all curricular areas.  Students are also able to work on special interest projects throughout the year.  These students truly begin to take ownership of their education, while learning time management, presentation skills and growing in their love of learning. 

Students are offered a variety of enrichment opportunities through out Specials offerings.  

We utilize the MAPS assessment tool among other record keeping tools to ensure the alignment of Colorado State Standards with our Montessori curriculum to ensure our students academic success. Students also participate in the state standardized test (CMAS) in the spring.

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