Primary / Preschool (Ages 3-6)

We have two classrooms serving children in preschool and one Kindergarten classroom.  The preschool children are part of the tuition-based private program, and Kindergartners are part of the state-funded public Charter school (there is no tuition for Kindergarteners).  The Steamboat Montessori Primary program is organized to complement the natural development of children aged 3-6, in a structured, peaceful environment that encourages independence, concentration, order, coordination and the joy for learning.  Each child’s abilities and interests are nurtured and respected through the guidance of trained Montessori teachers; children are encouraged to move through our Montessori curriculum at their own pace in uninterrupted work cycles. 

Self-correcting Montessori lessons and multi-sensory materials move from concrete to abstract, and our students are provided extensive activities in Practical Life, Peace Education, Language, Sensorial, Math, Geography/ Cultural and Science.  Older children are role models for younger, while younger children teach older friends to be mentors and leaders.  Within a supportive, fun community of younger and older learners, our authentic Montessori Primary program is a stepping stone for joyful, self-actualized, self-disciplined, kind, respectful, helpful and peaceful children.   

We begin using the MAPS assessment tool with our Kinders, as well as introducing them to the Orton Gillingham program, which focuses on small group direct instruction to support the Montessori language materials. Our Kindergarten students are fully prepared to enter into the Lower Elementary years, and thrive.

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