Happy Friday!
As we approach this three-day weekend, let us remember to celebrate the human qualities of tolerance and kindness. Let us consider these in all of our interactions with others, family, friends and even strangers.
Along with our new name comes a new web page! Huge thanks to the Marketing Committee lead by Jess Valand, and our volunteer web master Ryan Mayo for his incredible help in making this a reality. Visit  steamboatmontessori.org  and watch our new video and look for more information about how this new site will become more user friendly and a true parent resource. 
Below follows a series of important reminders and dates to save:
1). Steamboat Montessori Board Meeting; Friday 1/22 @ 12:30 pm
Meeting ID meet.google.com/mwq-faez-wad
Phone Numbers (US‬)+1 570-427-3292‬ PIN: 970 126 617#‬
2). Parent Education Event: Difficult Conversations with Tina Harlow [see below]3). Middle School Parent Town Hall video from 1/11 [see below]
Look for more information in the next week or so from the Back-to-School Task Force as we continue to work towards a return to full day in person learning. We are working to better understand the upward trends in local cases, the pushing back of the timeline for teachers to get the vaccination and the impact of our new testing capabilities on our decision. 
In gratitude,

Steamboat Montessori will be offering a COVID-19 testing clinic on Wednesday, January 20th from 11:00-12:00. If you have had a close contact to a positive case OR are experiencing symptoms please email [email protected] to register for a FREE PCR test 
Health Alert

We have been told by public health officials that they are seeing A LOT of cases where either the child is testing positive for COVID and also has strep throat OR the child goes to the pediatrician for strep throat and tests positive for COVID. If child(ren) are symptomatic we are recommending students go to their pediatrician first. This way the pediatrician will administer a rapid COVID test and then will be able to treat the underlying issue (i.e. strep throat). If your child(ren) do test postivie for COVID 19 we are happy to PCR test the rest of the family, but want to ensure any underlying illnesses are also being treated. 

Monday, January 18th: No School (Martin Luther King Jr. Day)
Friday, January 22nd: Steamboat Montessori Board Meeting, 12:30
Wednesday, January 27th: 5pm on zoom: Parent Education night with Tina Harlow! 
Monday, February 15th-Friday, February 19th: No School (Blues Break) 
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