Upper Elementary (4th-6th)

We currently have two classrooms at the Upper Elementary level.  These classrooms include students aged 9-12, in 4th-6th grade. Students continue to study language, grammar, math, geometry, science and biology, Spanish, as well as beginning their study of human history.  Hands-on materials are still utilized in the Upper Elementary classroom; as students at this age are beginning to move toward abstraction, they are supported in that transition by classroom materials, and the teacher as a guide.  

Students will continue their studies in non-academic areas as well, including peace education, cosmic education, grace and courtesy lessons, art, and physical education.  In peace education, students at this age are learning how to lead conflict resolution conversations independently, encouraging their development as active, capable, mediators.  Students at this age are also beginning to grapple with the question, “Who am I?”  Through our cosmic education curriculum and practical life curriculum, students are led to confront this question, and they begin to define who they want to be as they form their identities. 

Students are offered a variety of enrichment opportunities through our Specials offerings.

We utilize the MAPS assessment tool among other record keeping tools to ensure the alignment of Colorado State Standards with our Montessori curriculum to ensure our students academic success. Students also participate in the state standardized test (CMAS) in the spring.

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